XS-1299 XX Eagle SL T-Type

Sale price$874.00

    The XX SL Eagle Transmission (T-Type) Cassette is a major reason why Eagle Transmission offers the best-ever inboard and outboard shifting performance under load. Thanks to its full X-SYNC design, the harder you pedal, the better it shifts. Fully machined, hardened steel X-Dome architecture for gears 1-9 and an ultra-lightweight, all-aluminum Spider Cog for gears 10-12. Engineered as integrated and interdependent transmission components, the XX Eagle Transmission Cassette and derailleur contact directly, ensuring perfect alignment on every bike.

  • New-gen design is SRAM's lightest ever 10-52T cassette due to the ultra-lightweight, all-aluminum Spider Cog
  • Full X-SYNC for best-ever inboard and outboard shifting performance under load.
  • Optimized gear steps on low end
  • XD Driver Body
  • SRAM Model ID: CS-XS-1299-A1
Speed 12
Cog Material Steel/Aluminum
Cog Details 10,12,14,16,18,21,24,28,32,38,44,52
Finish Silver/Black
Range 10-52T
Cassette Spider Mat. Steel/Aluminum
Title: SRAM, XS-1299 XX Eagle SL T-Type, Cassette, Silver/Black, Speed: 12, 10-52T

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