GRX Di2 ST-RX815 / BR-RX810

Sale price$549.99

  • GRX Di2 ST-RX815 11 speed shifters/brake levers and flat mount BR-RX810 hydraulic calipers
  • Anti-slip brake lever increases control on bumpy terrain
  • Raised brake lever pivot point increases leverage from the hoods
  • Adjustable free stroke and lever reach
  • ServoWave action reduces freestroke and progressively increases brake leverage
  • Compatible with 11 speed Di2 GRX and road derailleurs
  • Forged aluminum BR-RX810 calipers
  • Pre-assembled with SM-BH90-JK-SSR high power hose
  • Includes L03A resin pads with improved wear resistance
Caliper mount Flat mount
Disc Diameter 140 or 160mm (not included)
Lever Blade Material Aluminum
Fluid Mineral oil
Primary Color Black
Brake Material Aluminum
Title: ST-RX815-L / BR-RX810-F, Road Hydraulic Disc Brake, Front, 2 speed, Flat mount, 140 or 160mm (not included), Black, Set

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