Hose Kit - Silver Banjo

Sale price$70.00

  • The Silver Banjo Hydraulic Brake Hose Kit fits SRAM mountain bike brakes that feature a silver banjo fitting at the caliper.
  • The hydraulic line kit includes all replacement parts.
  • 2000mm length black
  • Includes hose, 2 threaded barbs, 2 olives, 4 compression nuts, hose clips, and T8 Torx L-Key
  • Compatible with XX, Juicy ULT, Juicy 7, Juicy 5, Guide Ultimate, Guide RSC (B1), Guide RS(B1), Guide R(B1), Guide T(A1), G2 ULT, G2 RSC
Hydraulic Hose Length 2000mm
Primary Color Black
Title: SRAM, Hose Kit - Silver Banjo, 2000mm, Black

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