Ultegra RD-R8000 Pulleys

Sale price$41.49

  • Ultegra RD-R8000 tension and guide pulley set
  • Precision sealed bearings in both guide and tension pulleys keep drivetrain smooth and friction-free
  • Compatible with RD-R8000-GS, RD-R8000-SS, RD-R8050-GS, RD-R8050-SS, RD-RX800-GS, RD-RX805-GS, RD-RX812, RD-M8000-GS, RD-M8000-SGS, RD-M8050-GS, RD-RX817
Pulley Compatibility RD-R8000, RD-R8050, RD-RX800, RD-RX805
Title: Shimano, Ultegra RD-R8000 Pulleys, Set, Y3E998010

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