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  • Pair of H-type disc brake pads with fins, for 1 caliper
  • Available with resin or metallic compound
  • Fits Shimano 4-piston calipers Saint BR-M820 and BR-M810, Zee BR-M640 & XT BR-M8020
  • Ice Technologies fins & aluminum backplate cools down the brakes in use, which improves braking consistency and power and reduces brake fade during long, technical dowhnill stretches
  • Longer lasting than D-type pads
  • Includes spring and split pin
Cooling Fins Yes
Pad Shape Shimano D-Type/H-Type
Pad Spring Included
Title: H-Type, Disc Brake Pads, Shape: Shimano D-Type/H-Type, Resin, Pair, EBPH03ARFA

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